Advantages of Live Chat Software

suportSince people are always looking out for the good side of things, this article is about live chat software and how one’s company can improve when the program is utilized in the company website. Aside from an effective tool to monitor website activity and viewer rate, and an excellent customer service program, the software can also be fun with its users. The Twitter and Facebook buttons in the corresponding live chat window will get you extra social media visibility, an advantage for both the user and the website.

Live chat software is a program that is included in the website’s database and enables the site to receive reports and attend to customers visiting the website. It is similar to an online customer service. The program is pretty easy to install. Just look for a trusted software brand that understands and is familiar with different kinds of websites and programs.

The brighter side of the live chat software is advantageous for the company, its customer visitors and other entities involved.

The software has chat agents free for conversing with. The software has instant messaging features that visitors can initiate during their stay on the company’s website. If they have any questions or clarifications about the products, services or the website of the company, the chat agents can attend to their every whim. The chat service is also active twenty-four hours a day.

liveOnline shopping and electronic commerce have been the trending business forms of several companies because of their being more practical and easier to access. With the chat program, customers can simply interact with a representative of the company immediately after engaging the chat feature. It is more convenient than having to wait on the telephone line for a call agent to be free.

In addition, if the customer is not fully satisfied with the information he received from the chat, the agent can directly connect the customer to a customer service representative via phone. The customer will be attended to immediately to straighten out clarifications, resulting to improved conversion and user experience. This aspect is also good for the company, especially businesses who rely on quick phone connections to close deals.

In terms of the benefits for the company, the live chat software is also a form of online advertising. Online advertising services are expensive. However, an alternative to formal advertising programs is the chat software. Whenever a visitor views the website, they are automatically noted as potential clients. The chat software converts valuable advertising clicks into leads with the live chat.

Leads and reviews of the company have significantly increased a good 25-30% after adding chats. This means that visitors and customers who engage in the live chat are satisfied with the service the company website has provided for them. The chat software also includes website monitoring twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s website will always be observed. Any changes or activity will be reported back to the company website’s domain for reporting and future references.

communicationThe software is also capable of recording visitor details. The IP address, geo location, date and time of visit, visitor browser type, and visiting address are all noted down for the company’s tracking. The chat details, such as URL initiation, transcript and pickup time, are added to the leads information that is available for the advertisers, company representatives and customers to see. A customer portal is also active.

Finally, the live chat software has a chat center wherein unanswered chat engagements of customers are accepted by universal chat agents. This prevents the customer from waiting too long to talk to agents, and benefits the company by keeping a potential client.